Who is Canna Mink?


More than a content creator.

A creator with a purpose


Why Clothing?

I wanted to create clothing 

I could identify with.

 I like to wear clothing that represents me. Our community is full of psychedelic designs. All the characters have veiny blood shot red eyes. That's not me. I'm mature and like to dress mature. This is why I started designing the style of clothes I design. You can represent your lifestyle without looking like an outta work, 19 year old. My clothing is for the STONEY, SEXY, COOL!


The Universe hired me

to bring happiness to people

I love to make people laugh. Creating laughter has always been something that makes me feel good. What better way for me to do this, than to create a podcast. It's a place where I'm able to create happiness. I enjoy spending time with my community.

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Most people consume

to help suppress something

I'm really big on not covering up issues. Sometimes we create habits to cover up our problems. I try to deliver a happy approach to resolving personal issues. I encourage us to face our real problems. That's the best path for growth.